“No, You’re Not Going to Change.”

If you’re like any person I know, I bet at some point in your life you wanted to change to be better.

Perhaps you want a better hairstyle to make you feel more confident.

Or be a better business owner so you can drive your business to grow and succeed.

Sounds familiar?

Yeah, we have these aspirations to change and be a ‘better version’ of us.

Sadly, most often than not, you will not change.

People don’t change.

If you believe this, good for you.

But if you are smirking right now while saying ‘do you believe this guy? Crazy, right?’, hear me out.

I am not saying you can’t be better and that you’re doomed to be unsuccessful. That idea would be crazy!

All I’m saying is you have way better chances at being better if you don’t spend all your efforts changing yourself.

Instead, do something about your system.

If you want your day to be more productive, then wake up early, start doing the tasks in your list, cut down your time wasting it on nonsense.

Am pretty sure that the people you look up to and consider successful also have some people they look up to. They might even ‘dreamed’ once they have the skills or talents of those they admire.

But still, they became successful as themselves.

Again, change your system instead of trying to change who you are.

That’s about it for now.

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