Fear of Failure is Fuel

Am sure you have a handful of fears.

Or at least one thing that you are scared of.

Me, I am scared of ghosts, dark places, and zombies.

Yup. I am the last person who would suggest watching horror movies.

I wouldn’t even dare watch any scary movie all by myself.

If ‘forced’ to watch one with friends, I have my own tactics on how to prepare myself for getting scared.

C’mon! I know you have some too.

But I can’t deny that every time I watch a horror movie — those that I believe I can survive from — I feel a bit excited. 

The thrill can be fun. 

The scarier the movie is, the more excited I get after watching it.

Wait, this is not me saying that you can now ask me to watch scary movies with you, ok? I still get scared.

This kind of thrill, this excitement, is familiar.

Fear of Failing

The moment I started my own career outside the walls of the corporate world, I didn’t realize that I’d be going through a lot of failures.

Failures are scary. 

They can be devastating and crippling.

If there’s one thing I will tell my 5-years-ago self, it would be to not get scared of failing.

But just like convincing myself that horror movies are not real, I am not sure if my old me would even listen to me. Who am I kidding, right?


Failures should not be avoided or dreaded.

Failures are not monsters. 

Rather, they are your tough teachers back in college. 

Hmm. I don’t think that analogy is helping.

I now realize that all the past failures — and there will be more in the future — are actually my fuel at pitstops.

And now that I look at failures in this perspective, fear should be the last thing that I think of it.

But don’t get me wrong.

Failures still suck! 

Of course, I would still feel bad and sad every time I fail. 

But I now will remind myself that life is not unfair to me because I failed. 

Life is actually helping me suck it in and be better.

That feels better, right?



You will fail. 

You might even fail more than you think.

But failing is something you shouldn’t be scared of. 

In fact, consider yourself lucky to be given the chance to learn from one of Life’s best teacher.

How about you? Did you experience failures recently? Are you still feeling down because of it? 

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