A Facebook Group For All Your Questions

Do you have questions that you’ve always wanted to ask others about?

Is there a place or something you’d appreciate people would do a review about?

I recently started this Facebook Group named Reviews and Surveys Philippines. The name of the group already tells you what the group is all about. [no brainer]

But I’m actually thinking of changing the name of the group eventually. Perhaps a name that’s shorter and sweet. 

Nah, forget about the name being sweet. It just needs to be shorter but clear.

Anyways, so about this group…

Anyone who’s part of the group has been contributing questions and polls within the group. 

Who am I kidding, I’m the only one throwing questions there! But I have faith. I know others will come around.

The conversation is getting exciting-er

Since this Facebook group started just recently, I really didn’t expect it would grow and perform like it does. 

Well, between you and me, I was really hoping it would ’cause, otherwise, it would just be a waste of time. 

The posts in the group cover different topics and interest.

Some of these posts are getting good engagement while others are not capturing the interest of the other members just yet.

I’m sure the other posts will pick up soon.

I would say, the group’s engagement is quite decent.

As the group members will grow in number, I’m already excited how more interesting posts and conversations will transpire among members.

I’m already getting goosebumps! Can you see? [of course, you can’t, right?]

Buying magazines

Allow me to share with you some of the posts that members have participated in.

The post goes;

“What magazines do you still buy?” 

Based on the results, most of the members of the group are no longer into buying magazines.

Yes, this is actually surprising, right?

Or not.

Of course, there are still those who are not saying ‘goodbyes’ to their magazine subscriptions. Is it because of the ‘feel’ of paper? 


Looking for mentors

The post goes;

” Who would you wish to be your mentor(s)?”

Since the group is not focused on a particular niche, industry or type of people, it is interesting to see who they look up to. 

The one who came on top of the poll (as of this writing) is the no-BS entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk

I’m a fan of the guy too. 

Neil Patel came second and followed closely by public speaker Francis Kong. 

Other local industry influencers that were also added by the members are Janette Toral, Ginger Arboleda, Francisco Colayco, Marvin De Leon and others. 

Twitter. Dead?

Every day, social media platforms and apps emerge. Each of these apps is fighting over attention and relevance among their users.

Twitter seems to be ‘struggling’ to fight for dear life these days.

The question, “Do you still actively use Twitter?” revealed how the members of the group feel about this pioneering social media platform.

Personally, I hope they’ll be able to find the answer to ‘stay afloat’ or be great again.

Join the conversation

There are other note-worthy posts within our Facebook Group. 

Perhaps you can also post your own question or poll and start a good conversation among the members. 

I would love to see you there. 

If you want to join, you can search for the group on Facebook. 

Or, you know what, let me make it easier for you. Click on this link instead to join.

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