Being Passionately Your Best To Succeed

Do you want to be successful?

What a stupid question, right?

Of course, you do.

Perhaps the question should be,

“How do you want to be successful?”

Those before you

One of the go-to ways for people who want to be successful is to observe how others do it.

The idea is simple. You look for people who are being successful in their shit (yeah, using the word ‘shit’ just seems badass) then follow them.

Some would even be stalking and mimic how these people do their, shit (there it is again) until they ‘feel’ that they’re also being successful themselves.

Did I do this too?

Well, of course!

At first, I thought it was the best thing to do since I don’t know where and how to begin being awesome and successful.

Oh, I am nowhere in the position to claim that I know how to be awesome and successful, okay? I just want that clear.

What I’m saying is that following others in order to start doing things that will give me ideas on how to succeed myself is good.

It can be tempting to not think of your own ways how to get out of their ‘shadows’ and just succeed like how they do it.

Here’s where the next question comes in;

“How can I create my own success?”


Be passionate with your ‘shit’

There is that word again.

If you’ve been looking for ways how to do things to achieve the success you want, even if you’re just following other people, you must have already learned a great deal about yourself too.

You must have already figured out what your strengths and weaknesses are.

You must have already failed and surprised yourself of a few successes you achieved on your own.

If you’re clueless as hell as to what I am talking (or writing) about, then you missed a lot of turns, my friend.

I suggest you go back and reassess how you’ve been doing things.

But if you’ve been nodding as you read this then you’re doing fine.

And it’s about time for you to make your own mark.

Be successful according to your own standards and not what others have set for themselves.

Just in case you haven’t noticed yet, being successful based on someone else’s marker is more difficult and less fulfilling in the end.

Observe the great and successful people like Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Gary Vaynerchuck, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Rey M. Baguio (ahem), Steve Jobs and others.

These people created their own mark in their fields.

Sure, they looked up to a lot of people and might even have surrounded themselves with lots of mentors.

But they eventually decided to create their own success according to no one else’s’ standards but their own.

The secret to their success mostly revolves around passionately being their best.

This is something I realized after observing how my ‘industry idols’ are doing their stuff.


So what’s my point?

If you’ve been trying to achieve success by following every move others are doing, it’s about time to say ‘enough!’. Don’t you think?

If you are truly passionate about your skills or ‘shit’ then being yourself shouldn’t be that hard.

Actually, your passion should even make things more convenient for you. Failures will be more meaningful and useful. Successes will be sweeter.


Your turn

So are you making your own mark now? Or at least have started on that path?

If you are, then I beg you to share your own thoughts below.

But if you’re still trying to be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerburg, please take a pause and reassess your goals while you can still find yourself somewhere within you.


But wait…

Other than just sharing my thoughts on being passionate about the things we love and succeed, I am also writing this as an entry to the Freelancers Hub PhilippinesBlog Carnival for May hosted by Mommy Ginger

You can join and read more about this Blog Carnival here.

6 thoughts on “Being Passionately Your Best To Succeed

  1. Ginger Reply

    Rey, bagay ka magpodcaster! 🙂 Ang ganda ng boses mo! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    My friend Toni and I were just talking about this the other day. Copying other may take you somewhere, and it may even give you direction, but if you fail to find your own thing ultimately, it may lead to you feeling lost or unsure about yourself 🙂

    Nice one, Rey!

  2. Rey Baguio Post authorReply

    Thanks, Ginger!

    This is such a huge compliment for me since it’s coming from you!

    I might ask Marvin for some pointers in being a podcaster.

    You’re actually one of the people I look up to in the industry too. And your ways in doing things are helping me find my own brand too.

    Thank you for dropping by!

  3. Liberty Reply

    Correct si Ginger.. grabe ang voice..ang lamiiiggg!!

    And the message is super brilliant..

    Yes, you can look up to brands/personas like Rey M Baguio :). Yes, you can be their fan. But be yourself, be PASSIONATELY your best!

    • Rey Baguio Post authorReply


      Just read your comment, Liberty.
      Stop it, ladies! I might believe you and go full blast on podcasting! Lol! 🙂

      Anyways, thank you for dropping by and reading this post. I really enjoyed your posts too.

  4. Charlie Reply

    Great post Rey! I agree that copying others is a great way to get started but to really find our identity, we just need to do things our way.

    One of the things I learned is to always decipher the underlying principle why a specific strategy works for someone then apply that principle your own way. That way even if a strategy goes obsolete you can find your own strategy because you know the principle why it works.

    • Rey Baguio Post authorReply

      Nailed it, Charlie!

      Understand the underlying principles why the successful people in the industry are, hmm, successful instead of focusing on their strategies and/or tactics.

      Even if you copy the strategies of others just like how they do them yet you don’t understand the reasons why, there’s a big chance that whatever success you gain will not last.

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