‘Backyard Content’ Ideas for Your Business

Are you doing content marketing for your brand or business? Are you having trouble coming up with content ideas for your team?

I’ve been asked a lot by my clients and business owners on what they can do to have a good pool of content ideas. Often times, the first thing I give them is a question instead of a direct answer.

The question every brand or business who would wish to do content marketing is this;

What do you know about your brand that your audience can relate to?

Upon hearing this, most of those I ask would go ahead and blab about their mission statement and their vision for their business. I would also hear some of them proudly share how they know very well their target audience. 

Don’t get me wrong, these things are important for your business. These are also important for your marketing strategies to work. And having all these information can also help you come up with content ideas that will keep you busy creating

What is ‘backyard content’?

In content marketing, having a good understanding of your brand or business and the pain points of your target market are crucial in brainstorming content ideas.  

A ‘Backyard Content’ is that which helps the target audience to know and understand more of the brand for them to better relate to it.  

Some marketers would call these types of content as unique or original content. But I call them ‘backyard content’. 

I started using this term when I realized how some of my clients and marketers are confused between creating unique content and content that would let the brand communicate with its audience.

While unique content is good and can even be effective to achieve your goals, ‘backyard content’ gives your audience or customers a peek of your business. When your audience understands and feels that they personally know your business, they become comfortable connecting with you and your brand.

Where can you find ‘backyard content’ ideas?  

As the name suggests, you don’t have to look far when looking for ‘backyard content’ ideas. You have great content ideas within your business. 

Here’s a list of backyard content ideas you can start with;

  • Tell a story behind that business logo
  • Who are the people behind the business?
  • Share some of the challenges your business had to overcome
  • The testimonials or feedback your customers give you
  • Bloopers your staff in the office are doing
  • The fun activities initiated by your brand 

These are just some of the backyard content ideas you can start with for your business. I’m pretty sure you can come up with a longer list and even better ideas than mine.

Just remember, backyard content’s main goal is not just for you to produce content for your business but mainly for your customers to know your brand more so they can better relate to you. 


There are different ways to find content ideas for your content marketing strategy. When brainstorming for good content ideas, always have your customers in mind and how they can be comfortable in relating to your brand. It is one thing that your audience recognizes your brand. But for them to understand and ‘feel’ your brand is something more rewarding.

Is this post useful to you? Do you have other ideas on how to gather content ideas for businesses? You may share them in the comment section below.


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